Unicredit Ţiriac銀行總部

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鋼鐵結構和室外表皮都成了建筑雕塑形狀及定義空間的工具…通過朝著重要的城市地標定義體量,通過創造鮮明對比的公共空間,建筑極大程度上實現了城市規模… Unicredit&#iriac銀行總部這是由WestfourthArchitecture事務所設計的位于羅馬尼亞布加勒斯特的Unicredit&#iriac銀行總部項目,這個項目避免通過種簡單正式的語言來表達銀行的身份認證
Unicredit Ţiriac銀行總部

這是由Westfourth Architecture事務所設計的位于羅馬尼亞布加勒斯特的Unicredit Ţiriac銀行總部項目,這個項目避免通過一種簡單正式的語言來表達銀行的身份認證,相反它融入的是一種復雜的建筑手法。建筑位于Expozitiei大道,和附近的入口塔樓一樣,它也面對同樣的場地特點:一是朝著北側和城市入口;二是與附近唯一三維體量國家展覽館之間的關系。入口塔樓利用雙重性及軸線透視來處理這些關系和問題,而Unicredit則選擇轉變和移位的方法。通過這種做法,建筑在室內中庭及室外覆蓋的入口廣場都創造了巨大面積的空間。鋼鐵結構和室外表皮都成了建筑雕塑形狀及定義空間的工具。通過朝著重要的城市地標定義體量,通過創造鮮明對比的公共空間,建筑極大程度上實現了城市規模。

The building attempts to avoid the bank’s identity requirements through a simple formal gesture and engages a more complex architectural approach. Located on the Expozitiei Blvd, the building addresses the same two site issues as the neighboring Gate Towers. One is the orientation towards the north and the entry into the city, the other is the relation with the National Exhibition Pavilion the main three dimensional event in the area. While The Gate buildings use duality and axial perspective in order to relate to these issues, Unicredit building employs translation and displacement. In doing this, the building creates in the process dramatically sized spaces, both in the interior atrium and the exterior covered entry plaza. Both the steel structure and the exterior envelope become tools with which the building is sculpting its shape and marks its spaces. By volumetrically defining its stance towards important city vectors and monuments, and by creating contrasting public spaces, the building becomes essentially urban.

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